Flum Float Nana Cobbler Disposable Vape Review

Flum Float Nana Cobbler is a new disposable vape device that comes with unique nicotine salt pods. It is available in more than 35 unique flavors. The e-cigarette offers a smooth vaping experience and delivers up to 3000 puffs per device.

It is designed with a cylindrical design and includes a draw-activated battery. Each e-cigarette has 8mL of liquid and contains 5% salt nicotine.

Cool Mint

The Cool Mint flavor from Flum Float gives you the traditional mint taste that you love and crave for. Its refreshing effect on your mood is well-known among vapers and ultimately helps you improve your productivity at work.

Lush Ice from Flum Float provides luscious flavors of watermelon mixed with frigid menthol. This is one of the most popular flavors and has become a staple for every vaper.

Tropical Delight from Flum Float is a trip to paradise for your tongue with its rich medley of flavors. The sweetness of mangoes and cantaloups combines with the freshness of strawberries to give you the ultimate experience. The flavor is so mouth-watering that you can take 3000 puffs from a single pod. This is one of the most popular disposable vape flavors for people who are transitioning from smoking cigarettes.


The flum float device comes with a non-rechargeable battery and a massive 8ml vape juice capacity, giving you upwards of 3000 puffs. With multiple energizing flavors and high puff counts, this device is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a disposable e-cigarette.

Each hit of cool mint flavor revives your senses and freshens your breath with a crisp taste. Cool Mint is one of the most popular Flum Float flavors and has a very high customer satisfaction rate.

Lush Ice is another highly popular flavor. This unique combination of mouthwatering watermelon and frigid menthol has taken the industry by storm in its most refreshing form.

Mixed Berries

A celebration of all the luscious berries that are out there, this one from Flum Float is a heady mix that will be a new favorite. The juiciest strawberries are blended with a creamy ice cream flavor to give you an exhilarating taste experience that will keep your vaping buds begging for more and more.

This disposable vape from Flum Float comes with 3000 puffs and is pre-filled with 5% salt nicotine vape juice for satisfying mouth to lung clouds. It also has a sleek and compact design that will fit comfortably in your pocket or palm, and it requires zero maintenance because it is completely disposable. You can choose from a variety of flavors that include Cool Mint, Gummy Drop, Aloe Grape, Pina Polo, and Strawberry Ice Cream.

Lush Ice

Float Lush Ice provides a fascinating flavor experience that is sure to thrill the taste buds with every single hit. This delicious combination pairs a mouthwatering strawberry flavor with a frigid menthol for a sensation that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

The Flum Float disposable vaporizer is a unique, cylindrically designed device that uses a draw-activation firing mechanism to provide users with the most enjoyable vaping experience possible. It comes pre-filled with 8mL of e-Juice and a 5% salt nicotine concentration, providing upwards of 3000 puffs per device.

With over 35 unique Flum Float flavors to choose from, there is sure to be a flavor to please everyone. From tropical delights to classic gummy flavors, you are sure to find a favorite!

Red Bang

The Flum Float is a disposable vaporizer that comes pre-filled with 8ml of e-liquid that has 5% salt nicotine. It has a cylindrical design and uses a draw activation firing mechanism to ensure quick and easy vaping. The device provides a massive 3000 puffs per flavor and has a long-lasting battery.

The flavors include Cool Mint, Breeze, Aloe Grape, Strawberry Ice Cream, and Pina Polo. Additionally, there is the exotic Litchi Ice that has a refreshingly unique taste.

Red Bang is a fruity and tangy flavor that awakens the senses. It combines a mouthwatering watermelon with frigid menthol and is an exhilarating experience. This flavor is perfect for the adventurous vaper who loves a rush of energy from their puffs.