Candy King Berry Dweebz – Disposable Vape Review

Candy King Berry Dweebz is a fascinating vape juice from Candy King, the premium vape manufacturer known for developing several lines of captivating flavors. This e-liquid delivers that signature candy flavor you love from the brand, enhanced with a blast of ice-cold menthol.

This e-liquid will quench your thirst for sweet and tart candy like no other. Each inhale delivers the sharp tang of tart berries followed by sensational sweetness that teases your taste buds and leaves them asking for more.


Candy King is one of the top vape juice manufacturers in the industry and is known for creating fascinating flavors that will captivate your taste buds. Berry Dweebz is a fun and classic e-liquid that is sure to satisfy your cravings for sweet candy treats.

On the inhale, you’ll experience a burst of fruity berries that will wake your tongue up. Raspberries, blackberries and more come together in a tart berry blast that will delight your palate.

As you exhale, a sensational sweetness will wash over your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied from start to finish. You’ll be left wanting more and more of this delicious berry candy treat.

Berry Dweebz is available in a 100ml bottle and can be mixed with your preferred nicotine level to create the ideal vaping experience. This e-liquid from Candy King is perfect for those who enjoy a classic berry candy flavor with just the right amount of sweetness and tartness.


Berry Dweebz is a delicate e-liquid that comes with an enticing taste on the exhale. A burst of sweet and tangy berries combines with candy to tease your taste buds and leave you begging for more.

This e-liquid is part of the Candy King range from Drip More, which was designed to replicate some of the most popular candy flavors out there. The entire Candy King line features some of the most fascinating candy-based vape juice flavors around, and each one is backed by the impeccable quality that Drip More has come to be known for.

This particular e-liquid from the Candy King line, called Berry Dweebz, is a forest fruit berry blend paired with candy. It features the luscious flavor of fresh-picked raspberries and fat juicy blueberries that will make your taste buds sing. On the exhale, this tasty blend of berries and candy is finished off with a dash of mouth-numbing menthol to really take your vaping experience up a notch.


Berry Dweebz is a delicate vape juice that has a pleasant inhale and exhale. It is made by Candy King, a line from the manufacturer DripMore that creates perfectly crafted candy flavor e-liquids. They also have a salt nicotine line, cookie line, milk line, tropical fruit line, and tobacco line so you can find the right flavor for your vaping experience.

Candy King Berry Dweebz on Ice is a fascinating vape juice that really delivers that signature candy flavor that the brand has become famous for. It is enhanced with a splash of bone-chilling menthol to truly give you an amazing experience.

Berry Dweebz is the newest candy vape treat from Candy King featuring sweet and tangy berries with an added citrus blast of mouth puckering tartness that teases your taste buds and leaves them wanting more. This delicious all day vape is perfect for those with a love of candy flavors. It is sure to make you say “later nerds” with every puff.


The Candy King collection takes vapers on a journey down candy cane lane with delicious flavors that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Sour Worms offers the classic taste of sour gummy candies, combining zesty sourness with a subtle sweetness for a balanced vaping experience. Strawberry Watermelon presents the delightful fusion of juicy strawberries and refreshing watermelon, capturing the essence of a sweet summer candy blend that will leave you wanting more.

Berry Dweebz is the newest addition to this collection by Candy King. This candy vape treat features sweet and tangy berries, delivering a sensational sour flavor that teases the taste buds and leaves them craving for more.

The signature candy taste of this juice is enhanced with a blast of ice-cold menthol to give it a fresh finish that will cool your senses. This flavor is available in a 100ml squeeze bottle with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine content levels for use in refillable pod devices.